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Glow in the Dark and Vampire Orienteering Race!

Teams of 2-5 people.
Children under 14 should be on a team with a parent-approved adult.
All registration for this event is done on the Navigation Games Website. 

Vampire Orienteering Race - October 13th 

Join us at for a night of Halloween fun! Teams of 2-5 people will travel the park after dark, navigating to checkpoints shown on a map. You'll write down the code at each checkpoint on your answer code. Keep an eye out for vampires! Bring a flashlight, wear a costume if you want & the candy's on us!

How it works:
A couple teams are randomly selected to start off as vampires. They will carry a red glow stick indicating their vampirish nature. When they tag another team, they swap: the new team becomes the vampire team, and the original vampire takes their answer card with all the hard work they've already done finding checkpoints. There are items in the woods that offer protection from the vampires if you find them. The winning team has the most points at the finish time.

Glow in the Dark Orienteering - December 15th 
Teams will travel to Williards Woods after dark, competing against each other on a glow-in-the-dark orienteering course in which teams will work together to find as many checkpoints as they can. Starts will be staggered and the course will take an hour to complete. All team members must have a flashlight and are encouraged to wear their favorite reflective or glow-in-the-dark apparel, and we’ll provide glow sticks. No prior knowledge of orienteering is necessary. We will send participants instructions ahead of time. Anyone under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. You only need to register for one person and can have up to 6 on your team! If we need to cancel due to weather the make-up date will be December 18th.
Glow in the Dark Orienteering